Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Beyonce is one of the most celebrated celebrities in the world today, she has featured and released many music’s and songs in a way, if you want to put it that way.

She also released a new album in 2019, labeled “The Lion King: The Gift”, where she featured a lot of African artist and producers. The album is the biggest hit now in 2019.

She is married to the world most celebrated artist and song writer too, “Jay Z”. Many have wondered how they managed to stay married for so long and they also have a daughter too.

Well you may have checked her net worth once before but things change and her worth may have increased or has increase by a thousand or a hundred, nobody can tell, but Beyonce is one of the few female celebrities who are married and still manage to maintain their celebrity life and their marriage too.

Beyonce is worth over $500 million, it’s wonderful isn’t it?

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