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Today many junior developers out there in the industry building things and trying to get into the big tech companies don’t really know most of the basic things and most of them just joke around and play around with code and they don’t even build anything productive.

Well today we will be talking about 10 important things every web developer should learn and know before starting and even when you are in the industry already.

10 Important Things Every Web Developer Should Learn

We are going to look into the Technologies, the concepts, the practices, functionality, and many other things just make sure you read still the end of this article, I will try to make it as short as possible.

Now 10 Important Things Every Web Developer Should Learn:-

1 The Fundamentals: HTML, CSS and JS(JavaScript):

These are the very fundamentals of web development, like what can you do without knowing HTML, CSS and JS, it's very important you know them and yes learn them. Do not skip any part of this process, because this process is like the basic building block of web development. Let’s say you want to be a front end developer only, and you don’t know JS you only know HTML and CSS how can you make your web site more interactive and more nice for any client you want to work for? So yes learn JS, don’t mind what people say about it, saying it’s hard and difficult to learn if you think so then you need to read this :- SHORT STORY AND MISTAKES I MADE WHEN LEARNING PROGRAMMING

2 Git & GitHub:

Basically, not everybody knows that they need to learn Git and GitHub, I won’t blame any people for this, because even I did not learn this on time. Being a self thought developer is hard with nobody guiding you on what to do and what not to do at the same time. You can learn how to use Git on their site or you can Google it, or better still I am going to post an Article on how to use Git and GitHub soon and attach it to this article.

3 Chrome DevTools:

Yeah, I’m also guilty of this, like I basically didn’t learn how to use the Chrome DevTolols on time. Okay, many may be asking what could be this Chrome DevTools. 90% of Web Developers in the world uses the Chrome Browser for development because it was built and Google and it is being maintained by Google too. So basically Google gives you very nice and great tools to use with your development, like the console log and many more, I am going to write an article on how to use the Chrome Dev tools soon.

4 Consuming an API:

Now if you are the part that does not know how to use API yet and you think it's not important for you to use it now, please you are wrong. Please and please again, well don’t laugh I’m only begging, learn how to use APIs, like calling APIs and send a request to third party application and all that.

5 Building a Rest API and During with CRUD:

Yeah, most of you may have had of the word CRUD from your friends and maybe asking, what is CRUD and what does CRUD do. Well, CRUD is short for Create, Read, Update and Delete. That is you create an application and you are able to get the data from a database you created or from a Rest API, and still being able to update the data in the local database of the Rest API and you still have the ability to Delete things from. Basically, this is the first thing you learn after learning the basics of PHP. It will make you understand the language more.

6 Authentication:

This is a very important thing to learn but I won’t go deep into this, for some reason. Imagine I client ask you to build an application that will have people creating their own account in it and the admin wants to track what the users are doing and who can be an admin or a user. This plays a very major role in web development. Take Facebook, for example, you have a page and you have the right to make anybody an admin and you still have the right to delete that person. And the client wants a login and registration page, and you don’t know authentication, well you have lost that job.

7 Model View Controller (MVC):

Basically, every language has an MVC, the model of the language, the view of the language and the control flow of the language. This technically goes with many popular frameworks like Laravel, and so one. So yes you need to learn and understand the MVC of any language you are learning.

8 Problem Solving and Searching:

This is a very important part of programming like many companies or clients are not much concerned about what you built although they are concern about that too. But what 90% of all the big tech companies are after is how fast you are in problem-solving, how fast can you solve a problem given to you. This is where you need to top up your skill and learn how fast to solve a problem.

9 Writing Tests:

Now, this is one thing most developers don’t pay attention to. In a way, tests are really useless, not when you are building a big application, but building a small application, tests are really useless. But it will be a plus to learn testing to make sure that nobody messes with your code.

10 DevOps and Deployment:

Well, we have come down to the last on our list today. There is not much to talk about DevOps and Deployments but there are actually engineers that are professionals in this field and they are specialist if you may say. Let me say it mainly about the deployment part of it and the maintenance.

So this is the end of the article and I am going to make sure I drop the article for Git and GitHub as a promise and the article on how to use Chrome Tools too. Thanks for reading and drop your comments for any questions you may have.

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