Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Today we are going to be talking about the Coding Phase and the Net Worth of one of the popular coding or tech channels on YouTube. Basically, he is a web developer and a great guy I won’t lie about that I have learned a lot of things from him and yeah stole some of his code, not really stole but just watched most of his videos and learned from him.

Coding Phase Net Worth

Okay, most of you may be asking oh so what’s his name, well his name is Joe Santos Garcia, sounds Mexican right? Well, I don’t know if his Mexican or not, but I just love the guy and his creative ways.

I haven’t watched most of his videos in coding that much because I’m a Mobile Developer and I just wanted to know how the web looked like how HTML and CSS work and if JavaScript is hard as people say it is. When I searched Google I saw his video, and I watched it, yeah I Loved the video.

Okay many of you maybe like this article is not looking professional and all, but this is my blog and I write it as if I’m actually talking to you, so just Imagine me talking to you.

Now let’s get now to his net worth. Coding Phase net worth is not that sure yet, because he doses only own a YouTube channel, he has his own website where people pay him for the services he gives.

According to Social Blade Joe Santos Garcia earns $40 - $700 monthly and $500 – $8.4k yearly. That’s a whole lot of money if you ask me. But yeah that’s what his paying of YouTube, who knows what he may be making outside YouTube.

And that’s all I have to say about Joe Santos Garcia Net worth or as many of you know him or his channel as Coding Phase.

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