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Few Things I Observed About Programmers and What You Need to do

Hello there beautiful people reading what I’m writing which I think is junk but it's from my own point of view and how I see things, so I don’t know if I’m right or wrong that’s why you are here or there to correct me in where I go wrong, yeah because we learn every day and yeah trust I do love to learn new things every day.

Now talking about learning new things every day, I am going to share my experience of what I observed when I was coding non-stop for 6 to 8 hours a day. Well, that was in my last semester in school. Yeah, many of you may laugh at this, but it was PHP. I was like coding every day for complete 5 months, well I will be honest I did miss a lot of classes which later made my GPA drop. I was not happy my GPA dropped by it did not define me, but yeah I paid for school fees so yeah again, why should my GPA drop.

Well, at that period we were at our final semester and yeah computer science and that meant we had to build stuff for our projects so we don’t fail and have to come back the next year to do that same project again because we failed. So basically we will give the supervisor 3 topics and him 0r she will have to choose one for me or us to do, that’s if we are a group or something. So the supervisor gave me a project to build a Quiz System Application using PHP, why did she say PHP? Because if wanted it to be a Local Database not on an online server. She actually wanted to use it for assessments so she would stop giving out paper and pen tests.

Now this project gave me stress, I won't lie, because I was not that good at PHP, but after building the project I got good at PHP, when I mean good, I meant really good, because I came to know any things I didn’t know about PHP. But I didn’t build only my project, I built for 40% of my course mates which got me some good amount of cash. But coding and building these applications, I came to observe 8 things that I found common in programming, not all programmers but few or let me say the once who are new or not that new in the coding game

So I’m going to list and give a few explanations on these 8 things I want to list:

1 -> Take care of your mental health: Yes, this is true, many programmers do not take care of there mental health. Okay let me use myself for an example, that period I was coding, I hardly came out of my room, and yeah my roommate was getting worried about me. So yeah take care of your mental health because this may affect how you think if you don’t take care of it.

2 -> Take care of your physical health: Yeah there is this problem of most programmers been too easy to leave the house and go take a walk. I know you need to stay focus on what you are doing, but sitting down there all day trying to fix a bug without exercising your body won’t help. Go out, take awake and maybe when you get back home you may have an idea on how to fix that bug.

3-> Learn how you Learn: I know this may look or sound confusing, but you seriously need to understand yourself and how you learn. I think I have written an article about this, but if I have not I will. Understand yourself on what best makes you understand things. Is it video tuts? Or is it documentaries, you just need to calm down and understand what best suit you.

4-> Don’t have an Ego: Yeah seriously don’t have an Ego. I know it is funny that people think you are smart and all that, and you can write a lot of lines of code in a day, which is cool. But you should learn to be humble and kind to others. You need to understand that you don’t actually know anything and you still have a lot to learn.

5->  Don’t be afraid to ask questions: I really faced this issue when I was learning. And why did I face this issue, well because when you ask a question people who think they are better then you tend to mock you and laugh at you before answering your question and which is not good? Well, I learned to ignore all those things an keep on asking questions and yeah it helped me. So ask questions, do now bother what they say to you.

6-> Know when to take a broke: Like seriously I’m not good at this, like I hardly take a break an which is not good, and yeah I know you need to stay focus, but taking a break won't hurt, because you will be relaxing and letting your mind recalculate things. And yeah don’t forget to drink water, always stay hydrated, it's good because well you think a lot, so you are stressing the brain and killing your mental state of mind, so you need a break and you seriously need water.

7-> You will feel stupid: Why do I say this? Well you have been coding for a year now with a specific programming language like JS and you come across a problem that shouldn’t be hard for you, but you see yourself not understanding what you are doing anymore, and yeah that will make you feel stupid.

8-> Remember to make something: Now this is what you need to do when learning always like implement new stuff from what you have been learning. Don’t just watch a tutorial and you now feel you are good at it because you watched a tutorial on how to make something and you did not reuse that code and modify it to be yours and make something of it. Now that’s how to grow and that’s how I grew before I started making little money to pay for Bootcamp and premium course that is actually good.

So yeah this is what I want you to know, and please you need to do these things, even if you are a professional programmer or a professional developer, if you don’t do these things, you will be hurting your body and your mind. Thanks

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