Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Many of you may not understand what Tutorial dependency means, it simply means you relying so much on YouTube videos and tutorial videos from Udemy, Udacity and other tutorials or even tutorials from a book or a pdf file you downloaded and you see a few projects there that you want to build.

How to Escape from Tutorial Dependency

Now doing all that is not bad, I don’t want to sound rude or look rude but doing that will not help you grow that much, like watching a tutorial video and you follow the steps on the video and actually built what the person was building, that nice and that’s good but you saying that what you just watch and copied and build from is your project is bad.

Personally for me if you want to grow you need to stop copying people code from the internet, tutorials out there are meant to help you understand what you want to learn. Like take this, for example, you have watched the video and you feel you have done something but actually you have not because I bet you can’t do all that you watched on your own again.

That is when practice comes in, you need to practice, learn how did the guy do this, or how did he do that and try to do something with what you just watched. Hope you understand me. I’m not being rude or saying that I am a better developer, no I’m not but it’s better you do the right thing.

There have been many complains of when clients and some companies say people put projects on their portfolio from tutorials they watched or from downloaded source code and they actually know anything from what they built. This is one reason many junior developers do not get a job or a work from someone, yes nobody is perfect, nobody can just wake up and write the perfect code, even senior developers Google at times. They know that they actually can’t know everything.

So what am I saying here, try to learn use and practice more, use other people’s code yes, but modify it and make it look professional, don’t just copy the whole project and paste one the net and say you have finally done a project.
Like I know many people, I won’t call names here, who post every day on their social media about projects they are doing and how it is going, but they are not actually doing anything than watching a tutorial video and posting up the work online. That’s not good, that’s what we called bad practice.

Someone gave me his PHP code to debug for him and I asked him, what is the main problem of the code and he was saying he doesn’t know what’s wrong, I know many of us have been in this situation of not knowing what went wrong with our code, but that was not his code, he just copied it from a video he watched and now he has an issue and does not know how to fix it. Why? He is not practicing.  

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