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How to Know What Works for You When Learning Programming

Learning how to code is not that easy but people will always tell you coding or programming is easy. In a simple shell, programming is easy but it depends on you. what I mean is that anybody who wants to learn anything can learn it, but if you are dedicated and give it all you have.

There is a saying that goes like this, Working hard pays, yes working hard really pays but work smart too, don’t kill your self when trying to work hard. Many people who want to learn how to code will always go online and you will be taken to YouTube where you will be asked to code every day and work very hard and you will learn what you want to learn.

Now I have been beating around the bush without saying what I brought you here for. Now let me talk you a short story of when I started coding, you can check it out here:- SHORT STORY AND MISTAKES I MADE WHEN LEARNING PROGRAMMING

But let me just make it short for you to understand what I want to explain to you. when I started learning how to code, I used many ways and was not focus and I did not really know what I wanted to do with programming back then, I just wanted to learn it.

But later I found out a very easy way for me to learn how to code and when I found out that, it was when I finally knew what I actually want to do. Now to what you want to know just look below.

If you have tried learning how to code with a pdf file and reading the code to understand what you want to know, for me you are a legend because that never worked for me, but it worked for my friend, his a C++ developer, which means yes his a Video Game Developer or hoping to be, for now, he just build small projects to get more skills and some cash.

For programming when I started, there are like two ways you can learn how to code that is using pdf or watching tutorial videos either on YouTube or on Udemy or Udacity. Now you need to assess yourself and know if video tutorials are the best for you or its reading code from a pdf file and decoding that’s the best for you. after knowing this, now you need to know what you actually want to do with programming because let's be fair many people go into programming because they heard how much it pays or they see their friends coding and building cool stuff.

That’s is one of the things you really need to know or learn before even thinking of coding and the next is to find out which technology works for you. what I mean by technology I mean which programming language works for you and for what you want to build or become, either you want to be a front end web developer or a back end web developer the decision is left for you.

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