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Is It Possible to Learn Web Development in 3 Months

This is one big question many new developers ask every day, with technology growing fast every day, month and year. Many people want to go into programming.

Well today we are going to give you an answer to your question, with no stress, but there are in a way two sides to this questions.

Well, let me tell you a short story before I start, I have a friend who wants to learn how to code and build many things because of the many ideas he had and paying someone to do that for you will cost you a lot.

So he met me and said I should give him tips on how to code and code faster, I gave him tutorials, guided him through it every day. But he complained that he is not learning fast. That he wants to learn everything before a month, I was surprised to hear him say that because I am still learning back then and I have been learning for 7 months that period.

When I explain everything to him, he later stopped coding, when I asked him, he told me he will gather all his ideas and share it with a big tech company. Well, I said okay, and that was the end of the friend's coding life.

Now to the question that may be on your mind or that’s on your mind and that’s why you are here reading this article.

Many people may ask, hey can I learn HTML and CSS in one day and JavaScript in 2 days and PhP in  days, for me that is really crazy except you are an AI, and your brain is faster than the normal human brain. Sorry if that sounded rude in a way, but I try to be funny most times.

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Well, what’s the answer to this question, okay it’s a Yes and No answer to this question, don’t laugh but it’s true, Yes in he the sense you can learn the Basic in 3 months, you can learn the syntax in 3 months because most languages are very easy to understand, let’s take HTML for example, you can move with HTML for a week and you will understand everything about HTML but not fully.

Like take me for example, before I started Web Development I went into Software development, like Mobile development. When I started Web, I was like this is not easy for me, how do I understand all this. But I got to understand the Java OOP concept in 2 Weeks. I know, many of you will be like how can you say HTML was hard for you and saying Java was easy for you to start with.

Okay let me break it down like this, people have different ways on how they learn things, many people understand things well when they are watching it than when they are actually reading it.

And I understand things well when I'm watching it. When I started Web I was reading PDF files and looking up on books, well I didn’t know I was actually doing the wrong thing. To some people reading actually helps them but not me.

That was the period I went into mobile and I started learning Java while watching some YouTube videos, before I got enough cash to pay for an actual tutorial so I can learn very well.

Now the No answer to this question is No you can’t learn everything in 3 months, I mean nobody can, you can’t learn but front and back end in 3 months, you can’t learn how to use APIs calls in 3 months, you can’t learn the deep part of programming in 3 months you need more than 3 months to do this.

I hope I have answered your question on your mind and if you get confused anywhere please drop a comment and we will get to you.

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