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Mistakes Programmers Make While Starting

Hello there again, maybe I need to stop saying hello, maybe or maybe not. So today we will be talking about the mistakes programmers make while starting, what do I mean by this. I mean mistakes new programmers or people who want to go into programming make. All of them coming into coding always make this mistake I want to table out today and try to advise you or convince you not to make this mistake if you are starting new.

So what are the mistakes am I talking about, the mistake all new programmers make or let me say 90% of people going or coming into programming make is that they all go to the wrong place to learn. And where is the wrong place? YouTube, don’t get me wrong, YouTube is the best place to learn anything you want to learn, but you cant learn how to code very well, from YouTube. Why am I saying this? Because you are getting all those videos for free and it does not have any good resources that will actually help you grow.

Let take you to want to learn Java or PHP and you go to YouTube and type in the search bar “PHP Tutorials for beginners” trust me you will get thousands of search results if not millions. And all those videos are not accurate and so many of them are outdated. Let me tell you this, nobody will go back to their tutorials on YouTube and update it just for you to watch it for free. Even if you are helping them make money through ad revenue. They now know, many of you use ad blockers and many of you now download there YouTube videos.

Okay, this is what I want to tell you, nothing good comes for free, if you want to learn, the first thing you need to learn and understand is that you need to learn how to spend on what you want to learn.

Okay what should you do and where should you go and learn and get a good knowledge of what you want to learn. There are a lot of learning platforms out there, but the most recommended platform is Udemy. I have got many testimonies from Udemy, through my friends and people I told to go learn from Udemy. But I will list down the platforms below so you can go check them out

  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Skill Share

These are the three most recommended learning platform I will advise you to go too. Yeah, and thanks for reading and I hope this helped you and still hope you come again.

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