Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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Real Tough Candy

Hello there, it’s me again and today we are going to talk about a female developer this time and her net worth.

I know many of you will be like, okay there are already a lot of female developers out there and they make a lot of cash writing code. Yeah they do, but not all of them have the courage to come out and start teaching or sharing their experience as a developer and not all of they who do this are really straight forward.

I started following Real Tough Candy like two or three weeks ago and I will say I have learned a lot from a female then I have from a male that is coming from a developer side of view. Because well we all had a female principal at school and female lecturers.

But for me Real Tough Candy is really great, she always shares her experience and her point of view in some things most female developers are scared of doing. Most guys describe her as a male, not a female because she has the courage and mind to do things. Please I will advise you to subscribe to her YouTube channel and I promise you, you will learn a lot from her.

Okay, what is the net worth of Real Tough Candy, and to be clear we are not talking about the owner but the channel itself. According to the social blade, the Real Tough Candy YouTube channel earns $300 monthly and $3k dollar yearly. And this income is not accurate yet, but we are doing more findings to know what she really earns from the channel.

Disclaimer: This content will be updated in the future and with all the full and accurate income coming from the channel. The net worth or earning giving above are not yet proven accurate and should not be used in any act.

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