Thursday, November 28, 2019

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Reasons You Should Write Simple Code

Hello, it’s me again and don’t know if most of you know me and for those who know me and are following my blog and my post, thanks for always visiting.

Having up to 2 years’ experience in the tech busy and the coding business, I have been able to see a lot of things, when I mean a lot of things I mean a lot. Let me start with this little and very short story.

When I started coding, or learning how to code I will learn people talking about complex algorithms and code, and I will be like, how do they do it. And yeah for sure I saw guys who wrote a lot of code up to 3,000 lines and above and I was like, how do they do it and how can I do it. But on the way learning, (yeah I’m a self-thought programmer) I saw that these things really don’t matter, programming wasn’t about how many lines of code you can write, it was about whether or not you can solve a problem if you are been given one.

Okay, I got close to some developers and I saw that they really write shitty code and don’t care how perfect the code is but as long as what they want to build is working fine, they do not bother and the most beautiful thing about their code was that it is very simple. As a beginner or a junior developer looking at their code you can easily understand it without stress.

Now, how did they make their code look so simple but shitty, they called it functional programming. Yeah, functional programming, most of you guys must have heard about functional programming and you might feel like, why should I learn functional programming when I can write a code and it does what I want without be stressing myself.

Okay, let me tell you now, you are seriously stressing yourself if you don’t do functional programming, many people reading this might already know why, but for those who don’t know why, let me tell you. Imagine building a very simple stopwatch application with JS and you wrote like a 4 line of code that does a specific task and you like want to use it in another class or method. Now as you don’t understand how to use functions you will just copy that 4 lines of code you wrote previously and add it to where you want it to me. Now what are you doing, you are making your line too lengthy and guess what nobody likes looking at lengthy code anymore, it's seriously stressful. This is why we have functions, learn how to use it so you can call the function where and whenever you want to use it.

Maybe I’m going to write about functional programming soon, but if you want me to write about it, so you can see my own point of view, you can drop a comment and I will make sure I drop an article about it.

So, what am I trying to say? Writing simple code is way better than writing complex code, which meant or will be difficult to debug later and very expensive to maintain. But let me tell you this, and I’m going to make this bold and use red color on it so your eyes can see it in case you are just scrolling without reading most of the content: here I go, writing simple code actually make you a professional developer. Writing code and making it readable makes you look cool. Because people will know you are good and actually know what you are doing.

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