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Should I Learn PHP in 2020

Hello there, it’s me again and it has been a while now I posted any content, I have been busy with work and teaching and all that so I have not been able to write any content for some while. But I am planning on writing a lot of content and saving them, then when I’m free, I will edit it and post it on the blog, because people send me emails these days asking me questions and all that.

Okay today we will be talking about whether or if you should learn PHP in 2020. For this everybody has there on point of view. Well, let me say for a 1-year-old experienced PHP developer I will say, yes you should continue learning PHP if you have already started but if you have not started and you are planning to learn a web programming language in 2020, I will say, learn PHP if you want to do back end in away.

But let me fair with you, PHP is good and all but you learning it in 2020 as a new or upcoming developer and I will say, don’t. why do I say don’t? well, PHP is now fast, everybody has seen that with PHP 7 that shows to be very promising and which fixed a lot of bugs in the old PHP 5. With PHP 7.3 we saw many other features that even made PHP faster and nice.

The best part about PHP is that it is very easy to learn, you can start learning PHP now and you will understand it in a month or two. Let me just go straight to the point here. If you are already learning and coding with PHP, it’s cool for you to continue with PHP in 2020. But if you are a new developer and want to learn a back end programming language for the web, I won't advise you to start with PHP, because PHP is far gone. Please don’t get me wrong, PHP is not gone or dead, but far gone that the people who develop with PHP is very far ahead and you want to learn, you won't see any good and recent tutorial or documentary for PHP.

The last time I heard that PHP 7.3 was out, I went the official site to check the documentaries and it was like, I don’t really know how to describe it and the question and answer section was like stack overflow gone wrong.

So, what should I learn in 2020 as a web developer?
Okay, now what should you learn? I know I have repeated these questions but for me, I started to learn Node JS of recently and well, coming from a PHP background, Node JS I stressful setting up the server compare to when I want to set up my server on PHP, but I FaceTime with my friend who are a JS developer and he said if I’m using a Linux OS setting up my server with Node will be easy and fast but if I’m using Windows it’s going to be stressful.

This should not stop you from wanting to learn Node because nothing comes clear the first time of learning. So how can I learn Node, you can start learning Node by first learning JavaScript. Node is just JavaScript. That is if you are good in Vanilla JavaScript and you know all the syntax, well not all but the basic syntax, I’m sure you will be ready to learn Node.

And for those people who are used to MySQL and don’t want to move to MongoDB, there is good news for you because Node supports MySQL too, so you can do all your SQL with Node too and run all your queries too.

Okay, thanks for reading and drop any comment if you are confused about any where and want to know more.

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