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Traversy Media Net Worth

So guys hello there I’m back again with another the article, why am I typing this as if I’m talking to someone, but just imagine that I’m talking to you, how do you thinking I sound like?

Okay, today we will be talking about a Tech YouTube channel Traversy Media, many people have learned a lot from this guy but they don’t know it was from Traversy Media. Just go to YouTube and search for HTML and CSS tutorials and his channel will be the first to come up for you to learn.

No dough that his the best when it comes to web development tutorial on YouTube and people always recommend his tutorials and Udemy course if you want to go full time into web development, but the front end and back end with no stress.

I will say I have learned a lot from Traversy Media when I wanted to start my journey into the web development life but coming from a mobile development style and concepts it was a little bit hard for me to learn web, but when I saw his tutorials on YouTube, HTML crash course that was an hour and some minutes, I watched it and I really learned a lot from him. Even with the CSS course. And when I wanted my designs to look more professional I went ahead to his channel and I learned a styling Framework which was W3 CSS. I had reasons I decided to use W3 CSS. For me it was fast and it lets me manipulate my CSS without any problem

So most of you might be asking who is Traversy Media and what his real name is. Well, his name is Brad Traversy, he is also an instructor at Udemy, you can check him out with his name on Udemy and you will see his course.

So what is the Net Worth of Traversy Media, please know that we are talking about the net worth of Traversy Media and not the net worth of Brad Traversy. We don’t know exactly what his net worth is. But for Traversy Media which is his YouTube Channel, according to Social Blade the Traversy Media YouTube Channel earns $670 - $10k monthly and earns $8k - $130k yearly. For me, that’s the average developer salary for a junior developer in the US and his getting it off a YouTube channel.

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