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What to Learn Before A JavaScript Framework

Hello there again, it’s your friend and yeah your main man, Godsend Joseph, I’m here again to resolve a problem, some many new developers ask themselves and some many of them ask me these questions and I always give them the straight forward answer they need to know, I don’t beat around the bush.

So the questions I get every day are a lot and that’s what gives me the motivation and more ideas on what to write about, I know I need to write articles every day, but I can't just write what you don’t need, as many of you may just look, at this article and be like, men this is too much the write-ups are too much and I can't read all this. This is why I make sure all my articles are not that much and I make sure I always go straight to the point.

Now for the big question; What to learn before going for any JavaScript Framework:
First of all, I’m not a very good JavaScript developer, because yes as most of you know, I’m a Mobile developer, that means Java, Kotlin and Swift and some on, all those native languages.

But I went into the web development, because of the market like I say, and I have said in most of the articles I write, always look at what the market wants, don’t just learn what you like, or because of your friends are learning it. Ask yourself what do they use it for, what have they built with it and if they have gotten any  job with what they are learning.

Yeah now that I have told you I don’t do much JavaScript, but I do a lot of PHP because I love the backend and all that, but I started JavaScript because of Node JS, it’s a Backend Framework.

But when I was learning JavaScript, I was told to learn Frameworks like React, Angular and so on and so forth. But on my way learning JS because of the backend I later got to understand that all those Frameworks were all frontend Frameworks and I was looking for a Backend Framework.

To cut every short because this is actually getting long and I don’t want to make this article long. What I will tell you to do, is to first learn the fundamental of JS, what do I mean by that. I mean learn the core JS, why? Because I found out that, all those Frameworks are just pure JavaScript and if you don’t understand JavaScript you want to be able to understand what you want it to learn in React or any other JavaScript Framework. Make sure that you know a lot in JavaScript, like Vanilla JavaScript, build projects with it, and make sure you get the core and basis of JavaScript, get to understand JavaScript before moving to a Framework.

So what am I trying to say? Learn vanilla JS and make sure you get 80% good at it before doing or learning any JS Framework. This will make you understand a lot when going to a Framework.

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