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What You Need To Be A Back End Web Developer
Hello there, and yeah it’s been like 2 to 3 days I haven't drop any article and post about anything. Well, I have been busy with work and other things. Well I know some of you may ask, well he said his a content writer, how come he didn’t have time to write on his blog.

Well, yes I am a content writer, I write for other people to get paid and all that, and some of you may be thinking, wow you are just blogging for free? Okay, for now, I am, but it's not about the money now, I just love sharing what I know with people so they can learn what they want to learn easily without going to YouTube for those who don’t have enough internet access for YouTube, guys in African countries can relate to this, especially Nigerians.

Well, today not much talk and as you all know, I like going straight to the point so you can get what you want and come back to read more, because you love my blog right? Even now that I don’t have much content in the blog yet, but I am planning on making more content so that you can get what you want from my blog Geekz Town and yeah come back to read more because you are sure I have what you want.

So What do I did to be a Back End Web Developer:

Basically, you might have been done with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you are good at Front End but wondering how the world of the back the end looks like and you want to explore it. Well, you came to the right place to inform you of what to do and the right steps to take to be a better back end developer. This applies to people who don’t know front end that much but want to go into back end full time.

So what Tools do I need?

You need to learn at least one back end programming language or framework, but I will vote for you to start with a back end programming language first before moving to any framework.

Why do I say this? You need to learn the fundamental of the programming language first before jumping to any framework. Like take Laravel for example, you need to learn core PhP, and the OOP concepts of PhP to use Laravel, it applies for all languages, this is one of the reasons most people who want to learn programming end up not knowing anything.

But let’s not talk much, I will write an article on that soon, with time and that’s if I have the time, just joking, of cause I will have the time.

So I have just going to list the Two Best Back end language I know so far for now and that I have actually used. But the reason I listed these two languages is because they are very hot in the market and as I just said, I have used them.

  • JavaScript (Node Js)
  • PHP

Let’s talk about JavaScript first. Okay, I know most of you that are new will be like, how is JavaScript a Back end programming language, I thought you said JavaScript was meant for Front End only. But JavaScript isn’t just for front end only, its also for the back end. This is where front end developers have a big advantage because with node Js they can write back end code and create a database with MongoDB or MySQL. This means you can learn Just HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you can be a Front end and a Back end developer at once, it’s like a win-win for everybody.

Now let’s talk about PhP. Okay, most of you might have already heard of PHP and how powerful it is, and how easy it is to learn and all that. Okay, I’m actually a PHP developer myself. PHP has grown so popular and strong with its new updates have security checks. One of the things that made people love PhP was when Laravel was created. You can build beautiful applications and sites with Laravel and with less stress. Okay, you might be asking what is Laravel, for me to cut it short, Laravel is a PhP framework used to build web applications.

Okay? Now, which should I learn?

Sorry but this article is getting long and all that, so I’m going to cut it short here and write another article on which to choose from, Either PHP or JavaScript.

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