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What You need to need to be a Front End Web Developer

Hello there, it’s me the quiet programmer, or you can call the developer and which you feel like calling me because of some people mistake developers for programmers, maybe I will write on that soon but if you want to me to write on that, please drop your comments below and I will make sure I write about it.

So today we are going to be talking about what you need to get started as a front end web developer. So many people go to Wordpress and Blogger and mess around with some code and do few things and boom they can themselves developers making other people who want to learn the thing they are back behind or something, while they are the once really back behind. Don’t get me wrong using WordPress is not bad at all when it comes to building your own personal blog like this and you don’t want to stress yourself or handle too much load because of work and other client-related issues.

So the big question for today, What do I need to be a full front 

end web developer:

It's simple its nothing hard and I won't go around beating around the beat so that you will spend much time on my blog, although I need people to spend a lot of time on my blog, but I’m not that type of guy, I like giving out information with not stress, like if you check out my articles you will see that they are not much and I like going straight to point with little stories at times to back it up.

So if you want to be a front end web developer, this is what you will need and make sure you get perfect at these three things which are:

  • HTML
  • CSS and
  • JavaScript (popularly known as JS)

Yes those are the three things you need to learn to be a good front end web developer, and yes before you ask, you can learn them in 3 months but you won't be perfect or that good at it. That is in problem-solving and design, you won't be that good but you will know the basic and you can work with other developers and in that process you are learning too.

So if you want me to drop a video of HTML and CSS I will be happy to drop the video for you to learn. You just need to drop a comment below. And many might be wondering why am I not talking about JavaScript. Well, you need to be at less 80% good at HTML and CSS before moving to JavaScript, which is but of a programming language and not a markup language or design language just like HTML and CSS.

You need time to practice this. Please drop a comment below and will make sure I get to you and if you don’t feel like to drop a comment you can still send a mail to godsendjoseph@gmail.com, send it will a subject of “Re: Geekz Town Help” and when I see it, I will know it’s from you guys.

Please make sure to use that subject while sending the mail, if you don’t I may not be able to reply your mail or it may be sent to spam.

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