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Why Developers Should have other means of Income

Hello, again it’s me, although I don’t say my name that much, okay let me tell you guys my name. well, as this does not look that professional, I don’t know how professional I could be in writing. Okay for most of you that have read some of my articles who will know that my name is Godsend Joseph, you can search me up on Google and you will see my Facebook page and wall my Instagram Page, My Twitter page, and my LinkedIn too, I’m going to be talking about why you need to have a LinkedIn account as a developer soon.

Well, I have already introduce myself and now let’s get down to why I brought you here or why you can here to read this article of mine and once again thank you for coming and thank you for reading, I would appreciate if you will drop a comment or follow me on Facebook or Twitter thanks a lot and thanks in advance for doing this.

So why should a developer have another source of income. Where I come from there is a saying that goes like this, don’t put all your eggs into one basket, I don’t know if any of you have heard of this before but yeah don’t put all your eggs into one single basket, it's not good, please don’t.

Let’s say you got fired from the job you currently are and you don’t know where to go anymore and the places you are applying to, you are getting no response from them. This is why you need to get more than one source of income. I know it might be stressful for developers who have the 9 to 5 type of job like myself, but you can get up a blog like this, you can go set up a YouTube channel, you can get a content writing job or a technical writing job. Technical writers earn a lot these days if you don’t know.

Okay I agree it’s not easy to start a blog and start earning, because you need to get an ad revenue and all that, same goes to YouTube channels, doing all that is not that easy, but if you can take that long and be that patient to learn how to code, then trust me you can run a blog or have a YouTube channel.

The more you teach the more you learn, because now you have to do more research to keep up, and in that process you are actually learning more and more adding to your skills, and that’s great. I know I have said a lot but I hope you guys are getting what I’m trying to say.

Well thanks again and I will try to drop things like this every day for but senior and junior developments, I’m not that experience but I have been around experience people so I will say I know what I am talking about. And yes please come back again for stuff much better than this.  

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