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Why I don’t Use Bootstrap for my Styling

Hello, it's me again and I don't know which day of the time you might be reading this, but I love to greet people, so let me start by saying, Good morning, Good afternoon and yeah Good evening and to those who care about or almost going to bed, Good night. Yeah I like to joke around, it's fun as we developers hardly have time for fun and to go out that much.

So today I will be telling you why I don’t use Bootstrap for my styling and which other styling frameworks I use for styling.

Let’s be clear here, I’m a back end type of guy, I love playing around with code and building new things with them, every day and I hardly have any sense of styling.

So Why Don’t I use Bootstrap?

This might be shocking to some people knowing bootstrap is one of the most used styling frameworks and the most popular one at that. But when I wanted to go into styling and UI and UX, I was doing some research on CSS and other styling stuff I may need. Then my friend told me about bootstrap, he said it's fast, its easy and it makes you work faster with no stress, and I don’t need to know deep about CSS to start. I was like what are you kidding me? Then I decided to know more about this magic framework. Well, what he told me about it was true and I loved it. But I then discovered something I didn’t like about it, which is, if you design with bootstrap, anybody who has used bootstrap will know you used bootstrap for your design. Don’t take me wrong, I’m the type of person who loves making his work unique and different from others, so you will just keep asking yourself questions when you see my work. Well, that’s how I am.

Now for the second reason I don’t like bootstrap, I’m thinking this is where I will stop, but if you want to know more about this, I will drop a video on it soon, I have planned on creating a YouTube channel sounds crazy right? Knowing I don’t have a good camera yet and I’m using an iPhone, I think I will use the iPhone to video.

Okay now let me tell you my last reason, which is not really the last but for now, it’s the last reason why I don’t use bootstrap. In Bootstrap you have No and Little control over the CSS and how you manage the padding, margins and all that. Although you can do that, it may end up looking like a mess and you may not like what you are seeing and you may go to bed crying. Sorry for that, I’m just trying to be funny while I’m not.

Yeah, you can’t really control the flow of the CSS in the design and that is one problem the developers of bootstrap should try and fix.

So what do I use, if I don’t use Bootstrap for my designs?😏

Okay, if you really want to know what I use, I use W3 CSS, you can get it by visiting the W3 school web site. But don’t get me wrong W3 CSS is not the best, but it’s the best alternative for now. Because it lets use manipulate your CSS and the W3 CSS class which you have already used, and you can make your designs look more beautiful, although bootstrap has more beautiful designs, W3 CSS will make your work look completely different, nobody will ever know you are using W3 CSS, unless they view your source code which is very possible.

So this is where I am going to stop for now and yeah if you have any question that is bothering you, please drop a comment and yeah I will answer you immediately if I am online that is, but I always check my comment box every 30 minutes so you are safe to drop a comment, and yeah Thanks

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Sammydgreat delete December 5, 2019 at 9:36 PM

Other reason Why i should not make use of bootstrap

Sammydgreat delete December 5, 2019 at 9:38 PM

Pls let me have ur email also and phone number, mine is 08093623461 am also a programmer working with html,css&js thanks

Bobby Joseph delete December 5, 2019 at 11:23 PM

okay, you can send me a mail at smartcodestudio108@gmail.com or you can send it to godsendjoseph@gmail.com

and thanks for the comment and also reading to the end, i appreciate



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