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Why You Should Not Be A Programmer

Hello, there is me again and I’m here to talk about something important or something that brought you here. (please try to read this article still the end, I see my point, Thanks)

Okay you might have looked at the title and you saw why you should not be a programmer and you will be like, are you not a programmer? And many other questions will be thrown to me.

Okay, let me explain why I said you should not be a programmer. But first, let me say this, this article is not to stop you or discourage you from programming but this article will encourage you to be a better programmer.

Please nobody should get me wrong, the world is moving fast and with Tech, so many people are going into the tech industries and trying to build things and learn more to meet up with the new tech and the big guys.

So Why Shouldn’t I be a Programmer:

Many people going into programming to make money and to be cool at it. But programming is not all about the money although you still need money to do everything you want to do, but do not let money be you first the goal when learning how to code.

What is programming or who are programmers. Programmers are problem solvers, not all problems, but tech-related problems and problems that affect the world and you think you can use your computer and write some lines of code and solve that problem, yes that’s who we are. We solve problems that people think can not be solved. Like take Facebook and Microsoft for example, Facebook saw the challenge some people have in making friends and communicating with people and the problem of find or communicating with relatives that are far away from you for free with no cost or charge. Facebook built what people can connect with other people far and near. After solving this problem, Facebook became a billion dollar company and is the biggest social media network in the world.

Now, what about Microsoft? They discovered that we did not have a user-friendly computer back then and many other things were wrong with how the computer was been operated and Microsoft fixed this issue and became a billion-dollar company today. They did not just stop there, they saw that people find it hard to make documents on the computer and they built the Microsoft Office with a lot of packages. Packages like Word, Excel and Access, many more. Today Microsoft is so big that they are even working to fix more problems.

Okay take a look at Instagram, the founder of the social media picture network saw that people take good pictures but do not have a good platform to drop those pictures without dropping the pixel of the picture, now Instagram was born, you can post a picture on Instagram and it will still have the same good camera quality as when you took it.

The last person I want to take about is a little boy who is now working for Facebook as a software engineer. What did he do to get a job at Facebook? He saw a problem or let say he came up with an idea when he was with his sister at home, he saw his sister send a different picture to her friends and telling them to guess what she is trying to say. And he told himself, wow why don’t I build an app like that and see if people will use it, and his sister was the first to use it and she told her friends about the app and just like that people started using the app and it will push to the top 5 apps on the apple store and later the most downloaded app in the apple store. Facebook saw this, and called him to come to be an intern. He came and did his internship and Facebook saw that he was good and they employed him.

So, what am I trying to say here? Do not be just a programmer, be a problem solver. Learn to solve the problem and something big may come your way too.

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