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Why You Should Not Use Breakdown Software as a Developer

Hello there again it’s your boy Godsend Joseph aka Bobby, aka the quiet programmer, if you want to know more about me, you can hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with any of those names for any of you who are just coming to my blog for the first time.

Today we are going to me talking about why you should not use Breakdown software. What do I mean by breakdown Software's? I didn’t want to say cracked software's or anything like that because of some issues. Well many of you may know that Google those not like it when a blog that’s under them goes against their policies, and that is why I used the term breakdown software's.

Okay, now the question is why shouldn’t you use those cracked software's and free software's, like IDM that is already cracked and Microsoft office that is already cracked or you cracked the software yourself with a third party software or application. Its simple you may either get hacked, sued or get infected by a deadly virus like ransomware and other virus.

Most of you may not know what I mean by ransomware, so let me explain it to you. If you get infected by ransomware you will have to pay the people who infected your system without your notice some cash for them to release your system or remove the virus from your system.

How will I get sued?

Okay, many of you may be using Microsoft office and you didn’t pay for the service or the software you are using. Well, for now this big tech companies do not care about you, its not their business if you are using a cracked version of their software. Let me explain where you may get sued, imagine you now owe a company and you are still using those cracked software's, the companies who own those software's will come after you. You may not know this, but they actually know who are using a cracked version of their software's and those who paid for it. So the best thing to do now is to pay for those software's and please do not cracked them.

How will I get infected with Virus?

Using third party software's to crack any software or program on your laptop or desktop is bad, especially when the system you are using is for productive reasons. Okay you are a programmer or a developer and have saved a lot of files and programs on your system, which I know you may have pushed few to GitHub and so on, but you may still have some important documents which you did not back up. Those third parties software are being developed by someone and if its not a good person what the person will do it make that program crack the software you want it to crack and it will still push a virus to your system without your notice and you will be using a laptop filled with virus. If that person want to make you suffer, the virus will be updating itself everyday until it get strong enough to damage your system and leave you will a virus infected system which only them can remove and now you may have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get it removed by them.

So How will I get hacked?

Getting hacked is the same thing as getting infected by virus which I just previous explain, you can go back to, How will I get infected with virus, and you will get to understand how you can still get hacked.

Thanks for reading and if you have any issues of complain, please drop a comment below.

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