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Why You Should Use Git and GitHub Early a Junior Developer

Hello, there again it’s me the guy that talks a lot, but today we are going to be talking about why you should use Git and GitHub as a developer and even when you are learning why you should use it.

First of all we should know what Git and GitHub is, for some developers they may already know what Git is and what GitHub is, but for those who does not know what Git and GitHub is I am going to take my time and make sure you understand what they are and why you should learn these technologies and start using them for your projects.

So What is Git:

Git is the most used modern version control system in the world today. So what is Version control, according to WikiPedia: Version control is a component of software configuration management, version control, also known as revision control or source control, is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information.

Git was developed in 2005 by the creator of the most popular OS today which is the Linux operating system and his name is Linus Torvalds. And today millions of tech companies and small businesses use Git for version control, which also include open source and commercial projects.

So What is GitHub:

GitHub is a company which help provide free hosting and also paid hosting for software development version control using Git Bash or command lines. I have already explained what Git is and what version control is, if you skipped all that and came down here, i advise you look or scroll back up so you can understand what i am trying to say.

So what are GitHub accounts used for? They are used to host open source projects. Now many of you may be asking what is this open source people always talk about. If you are new to this let me take the time to explain what open source means

Open source is a denoting software which has the original source code of the project and is made freely available for developers to contribute with or use.

Okay, now you understand how this works let me take you down on why you need to learn Git and GitHub. And please if you still find this confusing, drop a comment and I will answer any questions you have.

So Why Should I Learn Git and GitHub:

I have already explain what Git and GitHub is, so if you want to know a bit or little about Git and GitHub I will suggest you scroll back up and read about it before you continue here.

Let’s take for example you are building a project and the source code or code base of this project is seriously big and you have been saving it locally as a file on your system, and one morning you wake and turn on your system, boom half of the files on your system has been corrupted and the project was also corrupted and you did not back it up any where and even if you did, the files may have also been corrupted too.

Now this is where Git comes in, you can create a Git repo file in that project and add all the files inside the project to the Git local repo. Now you may be thinking why will I still need to back it up locating when I have already said backing up locally is bad. But wait this is where GitHub comes in, GitHub allow you host your project online for free without any stress, but if you don’t want anybody to get access to your source code, you can push your code to a private repo instead of a public repo. GitHub provides but public and private repo, you just have to choose which you want to use.

Now let me give another example. Okay you want to build a project and you know you can do it alone and the guys you want to work with they stay far away from you and it will be hard for them to come over to your location, but you really want them to work with you and on your project. This is where Git and GitHub comes in, with this two technologies you can work with people that are really far from where you are and you can track all the push request and know who made any changes and where the person made a change in case there was an error with the new push.

I hope this will convince you to start using Git and GitHub as a starting developer or a junior developer. Because why some developers don’t get jobs is because they don’t know how to use Git and GitHub which is one of the very important part of tech to learn.

And yeah if you have any question you can drop it as a comment and I will get to you immediately and answer your question, and this was to explain to junior developers that they really need to start using Git and GitHub.

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