Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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4 Programming Language You Should Learn To Start Up Programming

Hello, great people of the internet and great minds that are out there and reading this article. Well, I want to apologize for not releasing any article for some days or weeks now. But I have been facing some mental issues and so on and so that. It has not been easy for me these days, knowing I’m broke and Christmas is just by the corner, but well I know I’m going to get something from Santa this year.

So today we are going to be talking about 4 programming language you should learn to start up, well two languages that I will be listing, I actually work with them, while the remaining 2 I think I will start with them next year.

So let the count down or count up begins.
1-> Java: I know most of you may be asking why Java and why should I learn it, but yeah my first programming language was Java, and I enjoyed it, although many people claim Java is hard but I don’t agree with them, because I did it and many of you may be like, not everybody is the same, yeah I know that, but yeah Java is one of the great programming language to start with if you are going into programming newly, because it opens you mind and brain to many OOP programming concepts which are great to know.

2-> Python: Yeah I know you will agree with me on this one that you should learn Python, but the reason why python is on our list is because Python is easy to flow with and it will give you great access to many things and you can easily build things with it. Knowing that Python has gone deep into AI and ML and if you want to get started in AI or ML I will recommend you start with Python, although there are still languages out there that are still great with AI and ML but Python is also great in Data science too, I will leave you to go Google things out.

3-> C++: There is a reason I brought C++ to this list, because when it comes to speed and delivery C++ is good at that, and that is why it is mostly used in Game development, although you can use another programming language for it C++ is fast and efficient and yeah the last reason it’s on the list if you are looking for more challenge in programming, then you need to go start C++, and you will get more challenges in learning programming.

4-> Dart: Now this is my favorite language and the language I’m currently working with. So why is Dart on the list? Dart works with Flutter and Flutter uses Dart to build beautiful and efficient mobile, web and desktop applications. Many people know Flutter as a Mobile framework, but Flutter is more than that, but many people do not know this, although Flutter for Web and Desktop are still on development or Beta, but Dart and Flutter are the future of Mobile development and I will advise you to start Flutter but if you will ask me I will say start Dart first and then move to Flutter it will be easy that way.

This is what I have to say for now and yeah if you have any question please drop a comment below

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