Thursday, December 5, 2019

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JavaScript Projects and The Source Code to Top up Your Skills

Hello there, beautiful people of the internet, who want to learn new things every day and for the newbies too, how are you and how is your day, or night or morning going, depending on what time you are reading this post or article. Sorry I’m trying to sound or look funny, it’s good to smile and laugh at times.

So as a Christmas gift I want to drop up to 15 JavaScript project which I will be coding myself and stuff I will be thinking about and also getting help from Google while coding. Because there is no perfect code, I think I’m going to write about that too, or I may have and it is just in my folder, well, I will go check it out later.

So as I was saying I will be dropping some JavaScript projects and the source code and also the guild on how to go about them. Because many people will just drop the source code for you without helping you and many people will just drop a video on YouTube coding without them explaining what they are actually doing. But I will be giving you, hands down guild to anyone who is a beginner in web development and also I will be opening a Discord group for you guys too.

I would have chosen WhatsApp, but I was considering the number of people, okay I think I will make it a Telegram group, so you guys can come in at any time you like. And yeah if you have a problem on your project and let me be specific here, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Express, Node, PHP, Java, and Flutter. Yeah those are the languages I know and work with. So if you are using those languages or you are a newbie and want to get help, don’t forget to drop a comment.

And yes the source code and project files will be coming soon, starting from next week. And if you are not using GitHub and you don’t know how to use it, follow my basic guild on how to use Git and GitHub here:- Basic Git for development

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