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Reasons Why The Big Companies Uses Java and not PHP

Hello and good morning, afternoon, and evening depending on your time zone and which time of the day it is where you are reading this article. Today I will be talking about a serious question I have been getting from a few of my friends on social media and I talked about this with my friend at the office like months ago, I never knew I will be writing about it.

So basically the question is actually the title of this article but I am going to make it an h1 at the bottom, so you guys can get the picture clear. And yeah if you want more pictures and less text on the screen please let me know on the comment below.

Reasons why big companies use Java and not PHP:
Boom, I have made it an h1 tag now, looks big and clear right? So let’s go down to the main question of the day. Okay, I’m going to make this as short as possible as I can because I like talking.

First, the number one reason is security. Yes Java is more secure than PHP, and please if you have started learning PHP this should not stop you from learning, please continue learning PHP, if you ask me why,  I will tell you to take a look at Facebook. Yeah, that sounded funny , right? Yeah, I want to be funny at times.

Yeah, PHP is not secure when I come to Java, or in the case of Java, PHP is not secured. Java is way more secure than PHP. These big companies don’t want to wake up one morning and hear you telling them they got hacked or something else or they lost important data. This is the main reason they use Java, even Facebook uses Java. And it’s the truth you can go ahead and do your research.

So I promised to make this article short and give you the main reason, but this is not all the reasons. But feel free to drop a comment and I will answer you. Thanks for reading.

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