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Reasons Why You Should Learn Node JS Programming before 2020

Hello there it's me again, and I want to drop another bomb for you to read and enlighten yourself, many people may already know about Node JS and they are already working with it and some are about learning it because they have seen the great use for Node JS, this does mean PHP and other server-side programming languages are not good, but we just need to learn Node JS

Today I will make sure that I make this article as straight forward as possible, no much talk, no much words and all that.

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So Why Should I Learn Node JS?
I am going to give you 8 reasons you should learn Node JS and make sure you read this till the end and try as much as you can to understand what I’m trying to say

1-> It’s Really Fast: Yeah Node JS is very fast, most of you may say yeah PHP is now fast because of the new updates that came with PHP 7. Yeah PHP now proves that it is fast, but it is still not faster than PHP and any other server-side programming language.

2-> It’s Used By many Modern Companies: This is one of the reasons you should really learn Node JS, because modern companies these days use it for their server-side and if you are really planning to work for any of these big companies will suggest you start learning Node JS now.

3-> One Language for Front and Back: Node  JS is basically JavaScript, that means if you know how to code with JavaScript you can code Node JS and you can learn it really fast without any stress, and if you are a front end developer this will really help you move to the server-side without thinking of learning any other server-side for it.

4->  Cross Platform: One of the best thing about Node JS is, its cross-platform, you can use Node for any OS anything at all, just as how HTML is very cross-platform, you see I made a joke there, but yes Node is cross-platform you just need to install the npm package and you can now start coding with Node.

5-> One of the Most active development communities: Node JS has one of the most popular developments the platform, this means you can get an answer to any question you want to ask, because they really want everybody to learn Node and they really want the community to be more and bigger every day.

6->   It’s not new and Hip: Node JS is not new and it’s not still old, it’s a library that has just been there, and you can use it easily with JavaScript, this is why many people are going into it, mostly front end developers who are very good at JavaScript.

7-> Node is not a Bloated Framework: Many people think Node JS is a JavaScript framework that is where they are getting it all wrong because Node is not a Framework, Node is a JavaScript Library. In other word, the Node is a JavaScript runtime environment. So do not think of the Node as a Framework.

8-> The Future is lean: This is really clear in a way, things are getting more easy and fast making learning easy. So people are like looking for easy and fast ways to do things. So if you are not following up with any of the new technologies, I will suggest you start now.

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