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Stop Jumping From Framework To Framework this coming 2020

Hello there, it’s me again and I know most of you came here because of the title you saw and you were curious, that’s how I got curious too. But yeah let’s talk and let me explain and tell you why you should do what the title is telling you.

I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything, but I will be talking from experience and what I have seen from my friends and also their own experience because I did interview them also before I thought of writing this article.

So, I won't waste much of your time, like making you reading much content and making waste time on my blog, no I won’t do that, I like been straight forward with what I also want to say.

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I know following up on new technology is good, but it’s not good for you in another way. What way do I mean? Let’s take React, for example, you have been building apps with React for 2 years coming now and you heard about Vue JS and boom you want to change from React JS to Vue JS. Personally, I will say that’s not healthy, although it is good to learn new stuff, so you won't be left out, but you know one and been 90% good at it is better than knowing only 20% of each of this framework.

So, what am I trying to say? Try and be with one and build yourself to have very good confidence in it. React is not going anywhere instead it’s growing every day with the big community at it’s back.

Personally for me, if you want to change to another the framework, it will only be when that Framework you are using is getting laid off or in other word, is dying behind, now you can start touching other Frameworks, but I will still advise you touching the basic of few Frameworks you like, in case of anything.

Thanks for reading and please if you have any questions, just drop a comment and I will make sure I get to you. Or you can send an email to smartcodestudio108@gmail.com.

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