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The 2 Must-Have Skills To Become a Programmer
The 2 Must Have Skills To Become a Programmer

Hello there, I just feel good today but not only that, but I also got a lot of feedback and a lot of request from many people to add to the blog and this made make me delay in posting articles daily, but because I want you guys to stay updated and happy.

So in a few days those who are our daily visitors and always come back to see what we have posted on the blog will start noticing some changes on the blog, and please I don’t mean the design of the blog, I like it because it is very simple and easy to navigate and work with them.

Now to get to the business that brought you here, I know it’s not a business it’s just an article but I’m just trying to be funny at times.

So, what are the 2 must-have skills to become a programmer?

Big and scary questions for some people and especially beginners, and people who want to go into programming, like I got this question from a kid who saw be writing code and trying to fix a bug, and he was like, I like how you code and how to concentrate and he asked, what skills do I need to become a programmer like you. I was surprised and I thought about the question and was like, yeah this would be a good thing to talk about and tell people.

This is coming from my own experience and what I have seen from people so far, from when I started and where I am now.

2 must-have skills

1-> Being able to self-learn and enjoy it: I am a self-thought programmer and many programmers I know today and work with are self-thought like nobody sat them down and was teaching them how to code and how to fix bugs and how to solve programming, most people started by reading big books and pdf files from the internet. But most of the people who are going into programming, these days are looking for whom to teach them, yeah I know it’s good to learn from someone, but at times a person It can be boring. If you can learn how to code by yourself and love doing it, even when you are using a 1gb ram laptop or desktop and an Intel Atom processor, because that was what I started with, and I loved coding, I loved seeing that I could build things and yeah, nobody sat me down to explain to me or teach me anything. So what am I trying to say? Love the fact that you are coding even when you have not started making money off it, and do not put money upfront when starting, but yeah money will come when you are good at what you do.

2-> Do not doubt yourself: This is what has made so many people I knew who started coding before me, stopped coding and now do other jobs and they don’t know anything about coding again, which is funny for me, I can’t stay a day without opening my VS Code even if it’s just to bring out a markup file or a JS file and try looking for bugs. The only way you can get and do things is when you motivate yourself. Yeah looking at other people you can get motivated, but at times looking at other people makes you think about a lot of things, so try leaving the negative and focus more on what you have not finished and make sure you finish it.

So this is what I had today, and yeah sorry this seemed long and lengthy but I hope I have passed a message to you, and you can drop a comment if you want me to answer any of your questions.

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