Monday, December 9, 2019

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The Best Place to Learn Programming at a Cheap Rate

Hello there, it’s me again and today, I’m going to make this article as short as possible, or I don’t know if I should make it long, but I won’t.

But many people have been telling me where can I learn web developer at a cheap rate and where can I get better at web development. I know many people will be like, he will say YouTube now. No! I won’t advise you to go to YouTube as a beginner, instead, I will advise you to go read a book. Like there are a lot of videos on YouTube that will tell you, that they are going to teach you from zero to hero, or from little to master.

Those videos are all good and all, and yeah I learned from YouTube too, yeah let me say I started learning from YouTube, but it didn’t help, I won’t lie. There are a lot of confusing people on YouTube and they just want you to waste time watching their videos so they can get ad revenue. But there are some good guys there on YouTube you can learn from people like Traversy Media and Coding Phase, these two guys are great, I won't lie, I have learned a lot from them. They make sure they teach you what you are supposed to learn and not waste your time on their channel.

So where is the best place to learn front end development at a cheap rate?
I recently got to know about these people or this platform, I won't say they are better than Udemy but if you don’t have money and you want to be good at whatever you want to learn I will advise you go sign up there and I’m going to drop code and if you use the code you get 2 months from and after that month you need to pay.

So why are they the best?
They are the best because by just paying $8 for a month you get access to thousands of programming course for that one month, that means with only $8 for a month you get access to any course you want to learn. Udemy you only pay for one course and then you need to pay for another course you want to learn.

Sorry I have been telling you about them without dropping their name. The name of this platform is SkillShare.

Yeah, and if you want the code for 2 months free, please drop your mail address in the comment box below. And yeah if you don’t see the comment box if you are using your mobile phone? Try using your laptop or desktop to access my blog. Thanks for reading.

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