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The Best Text Editor To Use For Web Development in 2020

So, today basically we are going to talk about the best text editor to use for web development in 2020. And sorry my behavior for not greeting! Hello there, and how are you doing, I hope you are having a wonderful time as I am, and if you are not, I will advise you try to put on a happy face and a little smile to make your day nice and good.

So, like always I’m going to make this article as short as possible and make sure I give you the content you came here to find. I won't let you come here and then bore you with a lot of text, even for me I don’t like too much text, because I’m a lazy reader, seriously it’s tiring for me at times.

So, what is the best text editor to use for wen development in 2020:
It’s plain and simple, many of you may know it and many may have not heard of it and some might have heard of it from one of their friends when they might be chatting.

The name of this editor is “VS Code”. This editor has proven to be the best editor so far in 2019, and has been recommended for anyone who wants to go into web development full time and for people who are already in, you are advised to start getting used to using different text editor and not what you few is okay for you, hope you understand me.

With some nice plugins and extensions, you will enjoy using the VS Code. For me, I loved using Sublime text, but there is one thing about sublime text many people don’t like, it’s not free and you have to pay for it. But you are not been forced to pay, but a pop-up message will be displayed to you reminding you that you have not yet bought a license for the software.

But using the VS Code it is free and all the extensions you use and download too are free, with nice material designs and UX too, Microsoft really did a lot with VS Code. When it comes to IDE’s and nice coding text editors Microsoft have proven to be the best.

Regarding the size and speed, so if you have any comment please drop it and I will get to you as soon as I can. Thanks  

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