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Top 5 Projects That will Guarantee You Get Hired as a Web Developer in 2020

Hello there it’ me again, and for some random reason I’m very happy today, let’s just say things are going well, thanks for asking, yeah in a way you are asking because you are reading this and you want to know what I want to talk about or tell you. Please at any point if you get confused and want to really understand what I will be talking about today; I will suggest you drop a comment and I will make sure I get to you.

So today we are going to look into those 5 projects that will really guarantee you in getting a good job in the tech industry or as a freelancer.

5 Projects That will Guarantee to get hired:                       

1-> Real Estate Website: Yeah this is the first on our list and yes many of you might be like, what am I saying? Like seriously real estate websites? Yes, this is very important. Why do I say this? It’s because building something like you will give you a hands-on working with APIs and many other things, unknown to you, you are learning a lot.

2-> A Food Delivery Website: Yeah this is one thing you need to build because many people these days are very lazy and companies or food companies are looking for ways to get food to their customers without the customers stressing themselves. But this will also be good to be in your portfolio.

3-> Your Portfolio: Now you won’t impress anyone when you don’t have a portfolio. And most of these guys mostly look at how your portfolio looks because they believe that is how good you are, or they will believe that how you want to build their projects. So, if your portfolio is not next, forget it, bro, you are not getting that job.

4-> Ecommerce Website: Yeah this is what many people want these days, because of how the world of affiliate marketing is growing fast. People want to advertise their project and people want to build a website like Jumia and other big marketing websites. So yeah this is one thing that will get you hired.

5-> A Digital Agency: Yeah there are a lot of agencies out there and there are also a lot of fake people out there too. I won't say much about this, but you can go to Google it out and find more about it.

So, this is where I want to end this article for now, I may update or I may not update it. It all depends if you want me to update it.

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