Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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What I Have Been Doing For the Past Days Now

Hello there, it’s your friend on the internet the owner of this blog, and the giver of what he knows and what he feels you still need to know, yeah it’s me and for those who don’t know me by name, I’m Godsend Joseph, and if you want to know about me you can check me on FB @ “Quiet Programmer”, Instagram “quiet_programmer” and yeah check out my GitHub repo “quiet-programmer”. You can know more about me and what I mostly do.

Okay, today, I’m not going to bore you with any long story and talk, because today’s article will be the shortest I will write so far because I just want to tell you why I have not been active that much and what I have been doing these past days now.

Okay, what do I Do?

Okay, for many people who do not know, I’m not a web designer, I’m a web developer, meaning I do mostly the back end of web development, node, express and PHP, those are the languages I use for my back end. But what many don’t know is that I’m really a Mobile developer, I went into the web because I wanted to know how APIs work and sending Http request, and yes the web is the best place to learn and understand request very well that is API calls and all that.

I build apps with Java and XML, that’s what Google recommended when I was learning back in the days, I have built some nice apps, for some people and now I work remotely for a the company, hopefully, will be going to work full time soon. But now I’m been asked to learn Flutter because they want to start building their apps with flutter, and because of most client's requests.

So, yes I started learning flutter, because I was been paid to learn it, although I would have learned it, maybe later next year or so, but because it became important so I had to learn it.

The lesson to learn or what to Pick from this article

So what is the lesson I’m trying to pass here? Stop jumping from languages to languages and from frameworks to frameworks, it won't help you. if you want to be a web designer, learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the  you can decide on learning any web front end framework, either React JS or Angular JS, or even better Vue JS, choose which you want and learn them very well, and you will be able to build beautiful web applications with them. And if you want to go into the back end, which is server-side because you are already good at JavaScript you can start Node JS and Express JS, which are very good, and you can choose from MySQL or MongoDB, but I would recommend using MongoDB if you are using Node JS as a back end language.

Just Going to stop here as a conclusion:

And yeah this is where I have to stop for now and yeah please if you have any question, you can drop it in the comment box and I will get to you and give you an answer to your question, I just love to help out, where I can. Thanks for reading.

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