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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Programming

Hello there, it's me again and I know this is getting boring and a bit annoying, but sorry to those of you who always return to my blog to check up on new updates and noticed that I don’t update as usual again. Okay this is not my fault in a way, I have been a bit busy with work and hardly have to write tech articles and I wish I could pay someone to write for me. But what I write is what I pass through, like saying this is my personal blog.

So today, we will be talking about 6 things I wish I knew before I started programming or before I got into the hello world of programming. As always I’m going to make this as short as I can so you can be able to get what this content is all about and I won’t just waste your time making you read long and boring stuff.

So what are the 6 things I wish I knew before I started programming:

1 It’s Not Too Late To Learn To Code: 
seriously this is true, just like knowing and understanding how Boolean only accepts two values which are “True” or “False” just like this LOGIC Gates. Let me not bore you with all those Computer Science shit. But yeah it’s never too late to learn how to code, unless robots have taken over the earth, which I’m not sure will happen, but let’s pray it doesn’t.

2 Learn The Basic: 
This is one thing many people always ignore, many people who are going into programming, always ignore this, like they don’t few the basic is that important to learn when a geek on YouTube has uploaded a video on how to build a website within 3 hours, which is not impossible but very ridiculous to try it as a beginner who doesn’t know and understand the basic of what he or she is learning. If you want to do anything in programming,, you really need to understand the basics, like what if you tell you to write a subroutine to calculate and convert any decimal number to binary, octal or hexadecimal with the programming language you claim to build things with, and you couldn’t do it, you may look stupid right? Yeah you would, so take my advice and learn the basics.

3 It Doesn't Matter What Language You Choose Just Pick One: 
Many people don’t know this, but yeah it doesn’t matter what language you want to start with, because if you start with one and know it 70% you will be able to read and understand another language too, and the best part is, you will be able to learn a new language much faster.

4 Don't Buy Hat Udemy Course. You Are Better Off Learning It For Free: 
You see many people telling you to go buy a course on Udacity or Udemy and many of them coming in with testimonies of how they have been able to learn and land a software engineering job within 3 months of learning. I’m not against that, but when you don’t have the money to get that course, yeah go for the free once, like reading a PDF file or going through YouTube, but you need to understand that you are a beginner so get the basics first.

5 Learn Git, It's Not As Difficult As You Think: 
This is what many people seem to ignore, like many developers I know who are looking for a job, don’t know how to use Git and GitHub, which is very important if you want to work for a big company, because most of the code will be on their private repo which you will have access to push code to for review, even when you are at home or on vacation, so I will be happy if you take my advice on learning how to use Git and GitHub, it’s not that hard like you think it is, it’s very easy to learn, you can also read this: Learning Basic Git for Development

6 Take Breaks:  
Always remember to take a break, like it is very important for you to always take a break, I know it won’t be easy knowing you want to keep up with a lot of things, like me, I took like 1 to 2 weeks from writing on my blog and focusing on learning a new language which I was asked to learn by the people I work with. Yeah I know that I not taking a break, but at least take one of two breaks, go out, take a walk, go see a few friends or go to the gym, this will really help you.

So this is what I have to say on this, and I hope this really helped you, and yeah thanks for reading and I hope you head back here again to get some interesting tips and hints.

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