Friday, January 3, 2020

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All List of FRP Bypass on Different Phone and Version

Hello there it’s me again, and this may look weird because I am writing something different today. Okay, let me explain why I am writing this quick.

Okay my aunty formatted her phone which was a Samsung Galaxy A8, and when the phone came up she was asked to sign in her previous Google Account (Gmail) to get access back to her phone and this was where the problem started, she Google Account she used, that was she forgot the Gmail address. If she had forgotten the password, I would have done a forgot password for her. But this was a different case.

So I decided to bypass the Google verification on the phone so she can get access to her phone again. That was a short story, right? Now you know why I’m doing this.

So I’m going to drop a list of Android devices that I have bypassed the FRP Google verification and you can use it, in case you come across any issue like that any day. And please if you do not see your device here drop a comment and I will write about it. Your comment will motivate me to write more.

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used for any wrongdoing or harm to anybody, this is just a quick guild and help for educational purpose only. Please do not use this for any art that goes against any law or any other thing. I won’t be held accountable for anything you do with this. Thank you for reading.

List of Bypass FRP Post:

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