Thursday, January 9, 2020

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Everybody Would Want To Sell You Something Online As A Beginner Developer or Programmer

Hello there, it’s me again and it has been long I posted anything online and I have not been lazy or anything I have just been busy lazy and if you have been following me for sometime on my blog, you would know what I am doing and working on, or better till you can read this: What I have Been Doing for The Past Days Now.

So if you are done reading that let us get to what brought you down here again to read what I have to say and yeah I’m going to make this really short and very simple.

Many of you may have noticed that the world of software development has grown so big that the tech companies are now implementing and employing more people and now some people are seeing a bug in this. What is the bug you ask? The bug is that many people want to learn how to program to have a chance to work in these big tech companies or startup companies and yeah many people are in it for the money.

Now what is the bigger bug here, the bigger bug is everybody or other senior developers who are now self-employed and not working for a company will want to start selling to you platforms or try to sell to you resources that they claim will give you all you need to be a software engineer and they go about paying people to come do a video of good recommendation.

And yeah the worst part of it all is that Udemy now does not take a look at the video and course the tutors are giving to people, like 70% of the software engineering course on Udemy is just a waste of money and investment.

But I will advise you to still get to know the basic before getting a course on Udemy, for me if you go get a course on Udemy without any basic knowledge of what you are going into, I would say you are just wasting your time. I’m not saying that all those guys are bad and not good and have bad resources, but do a little bit of research before heading or buying something online.

Thanks and this is what I have to say for now, and yeah thanks for reading and if you have any question on how to get started, I will help you, and yeah I’m not going to try and sell you anything.

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