Saturday, April 18, 2020

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Reasons I Have Being Off The Blog For Months Now

What's Up

Hey, what's up, it's me again and I know its been very long we talked or well, don't know what to say there. but many of you that have been returning to my blog would be wondering why I have not been posting contents for some time now, well I'm going to make it short for you to quickly understand.

So as many of you may know I told you I got a new job, well an internship and at the company, I was asked to work with Flutter, which is Google's new tech for cross-platform mobile apps, which is going to be for also web and desktop apps, I would say Google is really trying to get a hold of the whole tech space.

What I do

I'm an Android Developer which means I build apps using Java and XML, but I switched to Flutter, which was one of my plans this year, but to my own surprise I started learning Flutter late last year. It has not been easy with me and the learning, trying to understand so many things and still building apps while learning. I have been building apps for 2 years with Java and XML but not for a company but for my own development, so I can grow more and understand more things I don't know.

What I've been up to

So, to explain why I have not been posting any content for like 4 months now, I have been very busy learning Flutter back to back, to make sure I can boldly say I'm a Flutter developer and I can build apps with Flutter and stuffs like that. The team I'm working with here are really friendly, they explain a lot to me and tell me what I messed up and what I should fix and what I should improve on, I think that' a great way to grow in the tech industry.

Now for what many of you may be asking or wondering if I would not be posting any content to the blog anymore, well I will, I now got time to write content and lots more. I will be writing and creating content on what I've learned so far in Flutter which I feel will be helpful to some people, I will be dropping code snippets and some tutorials on Flutter. I won't only focus on Flutter no no!!! I will also be dropping contents for tech news and what are the latest updates in the tech industries, I hope my contents are going to help someone at least.


Thanks for reading and please drop a comment if you got anything to say or ask, I will be available to answer you, I know a little of the web so if you are a beginner don't be scared to ask me questions. you can send me an email "", I'm going to reply to your mail

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