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Florin Pop Net Worth

When it comes to the tech space, we see new gurus every day and very fake gurus too, like people come to showcase what they can do but cannot really do it. And with every new tech gurus coming out to show themselves.

But Florin Pop is one tech guru when it comes to programming and not all programming gurus can what they say they can do, but Florin Pop has been proving people wrong that not all programming gurus are fake. In the programming space especially in YouTube, there are people who come out every day to show themselves and what they can do but in reality, they are just faking just to get through the YouTube algorithm and get more views.

I still don’t know much about Florin Pop but I have been following him up on YouTube and Twitter although he has other social media handles and accounts I’m mostly on YouTube and Twitter and I will say I love what he has been doing for the tech the community especially when it comes to JavaScript, Florin Pop has been a real help and motivation to other programmers and new devs coming into the community telling them everything will be alright.


So what is the Net worth of Florin Pop?

A little disclaimer please, this is not the exact net worth of Florin Pop, but of his YouTube channel and all the data I will be dropping here is coming from the social blade, and you can also search him out on social blade to also see the same data analysis.

As for now I still don’t know if Florin Pop is his real name and I have been searching the web for hours to know if that’s really his real name but for now, let’s take it that is his name, except the Pop, but I know “Florin” is his real name so let’s say, Florin is the name.


So tell me

Florin Pop has uploaded over 238 videos on his YouTube channel and 32.1K subscribers to his channel and he created the account on 17th of July 2017, talking about people who really don’t take no for an answer.

From the data collected from the social blade, Florin Pop makes an estimate of $27 to $428 a month and an estimate of $321 to $5.1k a year, that does not much compare to another tech YouTubers I have written about but as I said this is not his actual net worth but of his YouTube channel and all data are collected.

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