Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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Why the Blog have Been Dry for Months

Hi, it is me again Godsend Joseph and some of you might know me as Bobby, but I go by any which one you want to call me. Therefore, for the past six to seven months I have not dropped any new contents and I know it has been bad, but I have not forgotten the blog.

If you have been following me you will know why I have not been dropping contents for this long, it is not that I left it, but I am going to drop a link to an article I dropped on why I will not be stable on the Blog.

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So as many of you know I drop tech contents like three or four times a week, but for some months now the blog has been dry and yes it was my fault in a way. Moreover, I was still looking for someone who could manage the blog, but could not see anyone who will be good at writing contents not just copying and pasting contents from other blogs he or she sees.

In addition, many of you might be wondering why I do not have ads running on the blog and I still have the blog running. Yeah most of my friends were upset for that, they told me sell the domain name, but I love writing contents, especially tech contents that is why I did not sell the domain name or delete it.

This time I took of blogging also really affected me, because my ad account was reset and now I need to apply for it again, meaning I have not more way to get revenue from the blog, but that doesn’t mean I will stop writing on the blog, No! It’s not the money that made me start writing it was the love of sharing what I know that made me buy a domain name and started a blog to start writing.


For many who don’t want to leave the post to go check out the other post, let me tell you why I have been off for so long. As most of you will know I am an Android developer and the startup company who called me asked me if I will be willing to learn Flutter to start building their mobile apps for them.

They are the once who are actually paying for my learning and they are also paying me to learn, which means I found a nice gig if I may say. As from December of 2019 I started learning Flutter and Dart to be able to build mobile apps for this company and so far I was able to deploy two apps to the Google Play Store for them. In addition, yes I was paid for the two apps too, and it really helped me in so many ways, I was now able to understand a lot of stuff and meet new people.

If you did not know, I had to leave where and stay and I started staying with them at the company house, so they will be able to monitor me. That also means they were paying for my feeding, accommodation and clothing too. Not all company will actually do this for you, but I guess I was lucky tho.

But I will be telling you what I actually did to make the company recognize me and sent me that offer. It is going to be in the next article, not this one. So far so good I’m still with them but the learning process is not that much anymore, now I working on few other apps for them and hopefully I’m still going to be with them for a very long time.

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